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Adult Movies For Women

The best porn movies with a special appeal to women, we know because they turn us on and we are women. These movies have real foreplay, kissing and real sexy action between couples. With gorgeous straight men who are hot, tanned and VERY well hung in the hottest scenes from the hottest movies. Bookmark us now.

4-Mar-2009 - Sensual Ecstasy

Posted in Features
Lose yourself in the sights, smells, sounds, and feelings of your lustful life.
Live for the moment with no thought of the future or the past.
Explore the stimulants that whirl around you at any given time.
You've only got one life; make certain you're not missing one moment of sensual ecstasy.
Live each day as if it were your last, lost in utter hedonism.

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3-Mar-2009 - Playmate Cheated On Hef For Sex

Posted in Features
Former Playmate Kendra Wilkinson has admitted that she cheated on Hugh Hefner while still living at the playboy mansion.
Sexy Kendra, who left the mansion last October, admitted that she sneaked sex to satisfy her natural needs.
Speaking with US Weekly 23yr old Kendra said " I had to have sex now and then, so I had to kind of sneak it"

Picture from

Kendra said that "of course" she had sex with 82yr old Playboy boss Hefner, but not very often.
She saw him only once a day and never went on private dates with him.
Kendra is now engaged to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett and is set to return to the Playboy mansion for their wedding.

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Behind the closed doors of the heart, where dreams and desires take hold and reality fades into a hazy memory, there is a power. The mind is the most powerful sex organ and bodies follow its will. Set your passions free and embrace what your mind has whispered all along. After all, everyone deserves a secret lover

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20-May-2008 - Tantra Massage

Posted in Educational
Tantra is an old philosophy from India for the expansion of sexual and mental experiences of people.
The tantra-massage is a beautiful expression of Tantra - perfectly adapted to the essential needs of people: Touching, emotion, and contact.
Learning each step for step massage techniques will give you a profound well-being and sensuality.
During the film learn more about Hunter tantric philosophy.
The tantra massage is a good way to more pleasure in life, a vibrant relationship and observed sexuality.

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6-May-2008 - Snapshot

Posted in Features
Did you ever have that special feeling of excitement when a certain man walks in the door?
The feeling that makes your whole body quiver and ache with a desire so strong, all it would take is a kiss to send you soaring into climax?
Jassie was all work and no play, shooting covers for a women's high-end entertainment magazine...
That is, until Evan walked through her studio door.
All it took was a SNAPSHOT.
Passion leads the heart, and Evan holds Jassie's heart between his thighs.

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29-Apr-2008 - Nina Hartley's Guide to Private Dancing

Posted in Educational
Nina Hartley's Guide
to Private Dancing

Show your lover your best moves!

Nina Hartley will teach you how in this sexy, feel-good guide to erotic dancing for your partner - no experience or special skills required! See Nina and friends show you step-by-step their own sensual, easy stretching exercises and sexy moves. Discover the importance of body acceptance as real men and women strip, dance and surprise their partners with new found talents, making their explicit sex even more exciting!

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Nina Hartley's Guide to Private Dancing

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22-Apr-2008 - Living Statue Fantasy

Posted in Features
Beautiful artist Jessica ponders a scultpure and lets her mind wander.
Her fantasies become reality when the artwork comes to life...
He's handsome, well built, well hung, and her dream man knows exactly what she wants! 
Soon he's using his tongue to make her squirm.
This couple kiss, lick, suck and fuck their way into artistic bliss!!
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15-Apr-2008 - Telephone Footjob

Recently I had loads of fun dominating some my submissives and making a whole lot of video clips for my clips store.
In this one I had been out all day and was in need of some relaxation to soothe my tired feet.
What better way of relaxing than chatting on the telephone with a willing submissive naked male at your feet!
I start out teasing his cock with my shoes on, rubbing them all over his cock until it starts to re-act to my tender attentions.
Slipping off my shoes I continue in my stocking feet rubbing my feet all over his cock and balls.
My mobile telephone rings and I take the call chatting and relaxing taking no notice of the naked submissive at my feet. All the time continuing to rub my stocking feet over his cock and balls.
My poor submissive is forced to lay on the floor enjoying the sensations flooding through his body while all this happening knowing that he dare not make a sound while I am talking on the phone thereby giving away his presence.
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